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Energy Efficient

R290 (Propane) as refrigerant

Since 2009 we have begun to integrate R290 (Propane) as a refrigerant. R290 is completely environmentally friendly, with no harm to the ozone if there was a leak. It is also a more efficient refrigerant than the standard R404a or R134a gases, meaning we use less refrigerant in our cabinets.

LED Lighting

All of our units currently come standard with LED lighting. LED lighting provides a lower energy release means a smaller degree of heat is released into the unit, benefiting your cabinet by using less energy to keep it cool. These LED lights also last about ten times longer than anything else currently on the market. There are also different colour temperature LED’s we use to display the product in the best light, whether it is packaged frozen food or fresh meat.

Dual Refrigeration

Dual refrigeration means that we can use two smaller, more efficient compressors to power our cabinets instead of one. Generally speaking, the larger the compressor, the less efficient it becomes. By using two smaller compressors, we can keep the energy consumption of our cabinets down to the minimum.

Also, by having a second compressor system, it gives a built in redundancy. If there ever was to be a problem, the second system can hold temperature indefinitely at -15°C so that you won’t lose any product.

Quality and reliability are major driving forces behind the purchase of any equipment, so why not guarantee that if there is a problem, there is a second system in place to take over so you don’t lose and product or money.

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