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LEAP Technology

Novum’s revolutionary LEAP Technology is now available on select Novum products. It is a patented, one of a kind system that will not build up frost (ice) inside the cabinet. This means that there is no need for a conventional hot-gas defrost which provides for better and more consistent product temperatures.

Conventional automatic defrost systems heat the inner liner to approx +8°C to melt the frost build up internally. This process takes 30 minutes to complete, and as a result the cabinet and product heats also. Crystallisation can occur in the product itself, along with moisture on the packaging creating an unattractive product for the customer, and possibly product that cannot be sold. Added to this is that the system is not guaranteed to never build up ice.

With Novum's LEAP Technology system this will not occur. There is guaranteed to be no frost build up ever, with the defrost cycle only taking 4 minutes compared to 30 minutes with conventional hot gas defrost systems. The benefits are:

  • No frost build up inside the cabinet
  • Consistent product temperatures
  • Faster recovery after defrost
  • Low energy consumption
  • One piece, removable refrigeration system for easy service

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